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Automobile Medium and Low Pressure Oil Pipe

Chemical Mechanical Heat Exchanger Pipe

EGR Cooling Tube for Engine

Sanitary Fitting /WSJ-GJ

Car EGR Exhaust Pipe

Fluid Conveying Pipe

Stainless Steel Coil

Qualification Certificate

Invention Patent

CDC Test Report 1

CDC Test Report 2

Manufacture License of Special Equipment

Sanitation Permit 1

Sanitation Permit 2

SGS Test Report 1

SGS Test Report 2

SGS Test Report 3

Manufacturing Equipment

Online automatic fixed length cutting

Automatic polishing Equipment

Purification laser welded pipe workshop

Argon arc welding machine

Automatic laser welding machine

Automatic welded pipe production line

Fully automatic operation platform

Welding protection device

Weld seam automatic Tracker

High precision steel pipe forming device

Online Annealing Equipment

Online solid-state high frequency induction heating device

Testing Equipment

Material mirror analysis

Hardness Tester

Direct reading spectrum detection

Online nondestructive testing

High frequency detecting device

Material mechanical performance testing machine