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Non-metallic self-supporting

Product Introduction



1. Complementary to applications of OPGW cable. 

2. Utilize the existing transmission tower.

3. All-dielectric Non-metal self-supporting overhead optical cable.

4. Successful development of high strength, high modulus non-metallic material.

5. Successfully researched out anti-corrosion sheath material.

6. ADSS and OPGW optical cable are the best transmission methods for power communication, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages!


1.Small diameter, light weight, with span over 1000m.

2.Free from lightning and short circuit current, no over-voltage interference.

3.Excellent bulletproof performance.

4.Wide range of temperature adaptation.

5.It can be operated with electricity, has a simple construction, low installation cost and is convenient for maintenance.

6.It is mainly used for increasing light channel and rapid network construction of existing 110kV and below voltage transmission lines.

Structural features:

1.The number of fiber cores can be up to 144.

2.The optical cable is made of all-dielectric material, free of metal components, which avoids lightning and over-voltage interference.

3.The adoption of aramid enables the cable to have extremely high tensile strength and stress-strain properties as well as excellent bulletproof performance.

4.With small outer diameter, light weight, excellent aerodynamic performance, which can reduce the extra load of the tower, has a large application range.

5.Self-supporting structure and no steel hanging wire, which is easy and quick for installation.

6.Wide temperature range, small coefficient of linear expansion, meets the requirements of harsh environment.

7.The outer sheath is made of electric-resistant material makes the cable have more outstanding resistance to corona and electric corrosion in high-voltage induction electromagnetic field.

8.It can be operated with electricity, and is suitable for the old line renovation project.