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Small diameter fiber OPGW

Product Introduction


1.The diameter of the small-diameter fiber is consistent with the conventional G.652D fiber, which ensures the input optical power and ensures the transmission distance and connection loss.

2.The smaller outer diameter and "bending resistance" of the small-diameter fiber can increase the transmission capacity in the OPGW by more than one-third. It can solve the increase in the demand for the number of cores in the smart grid in the future and the increase in the number of cores in the steel tube will lead to the fiber. The contradiction of rising attenuation meets the needs of future communication expansion and smart grid for fiber-optic communication.

3.In the case of the same structure, the number of fiber cores can be increased, and the number of fiber channels in the line can be increased.

4.When the line "T" is connected, increase the number of cores and avoid transforming the tower.

5.Reduce the OPGW structure design and reduce the cost of power grid construction.