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Optical Phase Conductor OPPC

Product Introduction


1.Replacing one or several wires of the traditional conductor with stainless steel tube and strand the tube with AS/steel wires and AL/AA wires;

2.Replacing one of the three phase conductors with OPPC, thus to form a transmission line which consist of one OPPC and two phase conductors;

3.Mechanical and electrical performance can match the adjacent two phase conductors;

4.OPPC can meet durative high temperature resistance after passing Temperature Cycling Test;

5.OPPC is applied to medium and high voltage power lines without ground wires, like 35kV, 66kV power lines and part of 110kV,220kV power lines, etc.

6.Applied to communication in medium and high voltage power lines in urban and rural areas, providing optical cables for building automatic distribution station.


  • Application

★ 35kV, 66kV, 110kV newly-built and rebuilding transmission lines in Guizhou, Henan, Tibet, Liaoning, Heilongjiang Province and so on.

    220kV Tunda single-loop communication anti-icing project.(China's first OPPC stress and temperature integrated monitoring project)

★ Silin power station-Sinan (Sunjia dam) converting station 220kV OPPC optical fiber communication project.

★ China Electric Power Research Institute Bazhou UHV tower test base 500kV OPPC demonstration project.