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AL-covered Stainless Steel Tube OPGW

Product Introduction

    The central Al-covered stainless steel tube is surrounded by single or double layers of aluminum clad steel (ACS) wires or mix ACS wires and aluminum alloy (AA) wires.  


1.Al-covered Stainless Steel tube design increases the cross section of AL, to reach a better short-circuit current and lightning resistance performance;

2.Good anti-corrosion performance;

3.Applied to the transmission line which requires small diameter and large short- circuit current.


  • Application

★ 220kV Nanhua-Caofeidian and 110kV Caofeidian-wharf Transmission Line Project.(Shougang Relocation Project)

★ Jiangmen, Taishan and Chuandao networking 110kV power supply project.(Xiachuan Island-Huangjing Continent Cross-ocean Transmission Line)

★ 220kV Shenzhen Qianwan power plant transmission project. (offshore section)

★ Export to India, Thailand, Burma, South Africa, etc.