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Company Culture

    ZTT has a distinct sense of social responsibility. It promotes green technology and recycling projects. ZTT dedicates to the promotion of regional charity, student commitment and supporting the disabled. As an advanced private enterprise for employment and social security nationwide, ZTT was the first to release the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. In all the previous events of natural disaster relief for earthquake, snow storms, and floods, reconstruction support for Hope Primary Schools, public welfare activities for environmental protection and the like, ZTT has made an accumulated donation of RMB 100 million to the charity organizations as a token of serving the mother country, feeding back to the community, and constantly feeling gratitude.

1. Innovation is a part of ZTT mechanism. ZTT not only focuses on value innovation, but also focuses on fine manufacturing.

2. ZTT will put “Fine Manufacturing” in its development strategy, propelling its transition and promotion. From manufacturing to innovating, till to smart producing, the transformation makes ZTT enter into the leading edge of high-end manufacturing.

    ZTT has allocated “Spiritual Home Engineer” in its each subsidiary, departments and business division, which is the first case in our country. Our staff not only seeks for material satisfaction, but also need moral support, emotional sustenance and a retreat for our souls. “Being a responsible enterprise citizen” is the important component in ZTT’s corporate culture. A successful enterprise should make its staff feel stable, warm and promising and let them live with dignity and significance.